Where Thompson Run Road goes under the Union Rail Road.

Hell's Tunnel


GHOST's Home

Blue Mist Road

Gravity Hill

13 Bends

Harley's House

McCory's Farm

Alliance Furnace


      There are said to be apparitions of a noose that swings at one end of the tunnel.  It is said that a boy once hung himself there, now people claim to hear a father calling for his son.  Also there is a story of a woman who drowned her baby in the creek that runs under the road on the other side of the tunnel.  Her house was said to be in the woods down the stream a little farther.




Team: Drew         Keith Mike       Paul        Ali      Mary   Mandy








3 Colored Orbs

Abandoned Building

Walkin Around


Climbing Up


Keith Going Down

Mandy Squats One

Mary's Feels a Presence

The Noose


The Tunnel

Tracks Above

Tunnel From Above

Tunnel Orbs

Under The Bridge




Never Before Seen Pictures