From Pittsburgh head east on 376.  Stay on it when it becomes Route 22.  Head east on Route 286 when you get to it, the exit will be on the right side.  After a few miles, you will get to an intersection with orange (trying to be red) stoplights.  That is Logan's Ferry Road, but dont turn there.  There will be a Dairy Queen on your right.  Continue through this light and make the next left onto Old Logan's Ferry Road.  Go through a stop sign on this road.  Stay on this road for a little and it becomes Sardus Road.  Pass some houses and go through a sharp left turn in the road.  After an S Bend there will be a four way intersection.  Make the sharp right onto Renton Road.  After about 500 yards you will see the barns on the hill to your right.

McCory's Farm


GHOST's Home

Blue Mist Road

Gravity Hill

13 Bends

Hell's Tunnel

Harley's House

Alliance Furnace


      Legend has it that John McCory, in 1984, was committed to an insane asylum after he killed his two children and hung his wife from the porch of his house.  After he was released, he built a replica of the house and hung himself from the porch of that one!  These houses are two story wooden farm houses.  Many say that John's spirit haunts the replica house and that being on the property you get a feeling of being watched and you feel as if you are not alone.

*** We believe the new (replica) house is currently occupied




Team: Drew           Keith             Mike    Paul                   Ali           Evanee     Joanna        Stack (guest) Brittany (guest)


















Another Barn

Keith and Paul with tractor

Inside Barn

Bath tub flowers?


Hiking around


Ladders in Barn

New (replica) Farm House

Old Farm House door

Breaking in

Look into Kitchen



Hello? Can You Hear Me Now?

let's order pizza

Haunted Cabinets

Main Room

Dead Birds

Goin up

People investigating





Keith Leavin

Old House Back

Old House Side

Old Porch

Old House font

Old House

Replica House

Driving away

Orange stop lights