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    There are reports of an apparition of a fire that happened at an orphanage in the 1800ís. People claim to see a burning building, hear children screaming, bells clanging, and horses. Ghostly cars are known to chase you around the 13 bends. There is also another variation of the story that tells of an all girl Christian school that was back on the road.  A guy burnt down the school Killng 13 girls, but he also got severely burnt in the process. It's said that a girl is buried at each bend of the road and this guy is keeping there spirits back there. And its also said that a group of teenage guys and girls went back checking this out and got in a car wreck and died and there bodies are in a old mine shaft behind a fence back in the 13 bends.  People have claimed to see the girls and their teachers wandering in the woods.  To call their spirits you must stop on the bridge turn your headlights out for 7 seconds and your car off for another 10 seconds.  Scream out the window "kids we have candy!" then got through at 5 miles per hour with your head lights on and search the woods the whole way up and the whole way down. People claim you will see stuff!  Very often you will find fingerprints on your car afterwards, proving their spirits are all around.  The fingerprints are all over the car and small, as if from children.

    Three miners also died at the mine. If you walk a trail near the road, during the day, they will walk past (appearing very real) and acknowledge you. They disappear after they pass you.

    Three hunters died. You will see large orbs floating through the woods. Also they will appear as an apparition with out feet.




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        Where Old Indian Trail Road meets Campbells Run Road


Breakin In

Em and Mandy

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Fingers on the Burb

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