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        Blue Mist Road is somewhere near the North Hills of Pittsburgh, the road's names is Irwin Road. As soon as it gets dark a blue mist engulfs the street. There's a cemetery on this street. This cemetery is old, all of the gravestones are very thin and you can't read the writing on them.  Two headstones, of past lovers, are set apart by a few inches and it's said on a full moon, the headstones touch. There is a tree, "the hanging tree", which had been used to hang african americans by the KKK. The road was a common rally place for the KKK.  Other legends tell of an old foundation to a witch house that once stood on the road. There is also a house on the road that belongs to a midget woman who will chase after you for being on the road. This house is referred to as the "Midget Farm". The final legend regarding Blue Mist Road is of a half-deer-half-man beast living in the woods. (See Dan)




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Blue Mist

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