Coming from Broughton Road get onto Cochrans Mill Road and head south and you'll see Broughton Fire Dept. on the right.  Go about another 2 miles and you'll see a waste plant on the left and you keep going.  When you hit the woods its the little house on the right side of the road, proceed past it and you'll see a place where you can park on the right side of the road.

Harley's House     


GHOST's Home

Blue Mist Road

Gravity Hill

13 Bends

Hell's Tunnel

McCory's Farm

Alliance Furnace


      Harley's House is now an abandoned house where Harley once resided.  The story goes that Harley was an 11 year old boy who lived there with his mother and one night him and his mother got into an argument so the boy went into his room stabbed himself in the legs so he could not walk. He called for his mother and when she came in he stabbed her to death then finally killed himself.  It is said upon entering the house an immediate rush of cold air is felt.  Harley's final thoughts were written on the side of his bunked bed.  They read "Mom I love you and I will never forget you, love harley"

Special thanks to Dom Tummers




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