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Congratulations to Paul Rupp and Mike Lammie who have been promoted to executive GHOST members. From henceforth their votes in all matters relating to GHOST functions will count as 2. The founding fathers' votes shal have a weighted value of 3.








Welcome to the home of G.H.O.S.T, a site dedicated to the ghost hunters in all of us.  We were created in the summer of 2004 and since then we have gone on numerous adventures taking us into the layers of haunted locations and spooky places.  This site should motivate you to confront your fears and experience the paranormal around you.  Hopefully you will find it helpful and interesting.  Choose a location from the drop-down menu below to begin exploring what our site has to offer.

It's been a long winter break but --WE'RE BAAAAAAACK-- thanks to everyone for coming out on our first trip.  There will be many more this summer.  Keep checking back in to see where we've been.  Also, please go out and investigate these places yourself.  Send us any comments or feedback... let us know what you think!

Congratulations to our new members and promoted members.  If anyone would like to join us please send your resume to Drew.


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